Popular Articles: Week of August 30 – September 5

Did you know we post hundreds of articles to MilitaryAvenue every week? It can be hard to keep up with the latest news and happenings around the Military Community. Here are ten of the most popular articles on MilitaryAvenue for the past week; news that is important to our Military Families and their community!

  1. Commentary: Wounded Warrior Offers Real Story
  2. Give a Little–Win an iPod with your Answers
  3. Veteran’s Resources (Send your valuable resources to
  4. Soldiers, families stay connected using reading program (A wonderful program we took advantage of while my husband was deployed.)
  5. Study Considers Effect of Deployment on Children
  6. Quilts of Valor Offer Comfort for Wartime Emotions
  7. Gates Objects to News Photo of Dying Marine
  8. Special: PCS Central
  9. Face of Defense: Soldier’s Civilian Skills Save Afghan
  10. Question of the Week: Where is your happy place?

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