Question of the Week: Where is your happy place?

Every night at about 7:30pm we start the bed-time routine…

Snacks, healthy dinners equal yummy snack; didn’t eat very well? then you get a healthy snack;
Teeth brushed;
Books, one book for each boy;
and then finally…

Bed… kisses, water-refills, lights-out, “I love you”s.
And then I crawl into my happy place. My happy place is my very own bed in my own bedroom. It can be as early as 8:30 in the evening and I hastily don my pjs, brush my teeth, fluff my pillows, grab the big ol’ blue pillow that makes it easy to sit up in bed, and grab a book.

What is it about my bedroom that I just love? I spend most of my day throughout my house, running between my home-office, the kitchen, and family-room. My bedroom is vacant throughout the day. My own bedroom is quiet serenity where I can collect thoughts without the din of the day. The dishwasher isn’t running in there. The washing machine is unheard. Surely there is no sound of “MOMMY, HE TOUCHED ME!” when I am curled up in my bed with a book (or my laptop if I’m between books).

Hubs joins me, usually a couple hours later. And my time of serenity is complete. But I *need* that little bit of time for /just me/.

Where do you find your happy place? The kitchen amongst family? The TV room with a favorite TV show? The outdoors with friends? My happy-place is very specific. I don’t find that serenity in the middle of the day, with things piled on my plate. I hate mornings… there is just nothing happy about it. I do love the garden, but, there is a certain amount of work involved. Although I do love sitting around the kitchen table for dinner … that isn’t about *me*… it is about family. So at the end of a long, stress filled day, at about 9:00pm you know where you can find me!

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