Birthdays are a Fantastic Excuse for a Party No Matter What the Age.

Who does not like to celebrate?

Sometimes we need an excuse for acting a bit out of the normal everyday responsible adult role. A party seems the sure ticket here. Enter at your own risk. Kick your heels up and let down some walls. Take off the uniform, put down the computer, leave the book on the table and turn off the stove. This is party time with the kids – your kids, the neighbor kids, your adult friends who are going to be laughing like kids. We are all kids!

Dale and I have lived our lives looking forward to that next party. Loving the responsibilities that were given to us, that we strove to achieve. But we took the time to just LAUGH. Laugh with friends, laugh with our family and now we laugh at the memories… but we had to have them first!

Need a party idea?

Gilligan’s Island: Everyone came in costumes from the old TV show that ran forever in reruns. Zero was there, An ape arrived, of course Lovie and the Millionaire, Mary Anne and the movie star… the professor, the captain and Gilligan… but a cast of others, including one who dressed like the Minnow… the shipwrecked boat.

Mash: Fatigues galore, horrible food… Spam was on the menu, Rock and Roll music (the Supremes, 4 Tops, etc…) Tents were the decor. Sounds dull… but was fun!

Costume Party: My goodness imaginations ran wild! Dale and I came as the spies Boris and Doris. I put a black rinse in my hair we wore black trench coats with big belts, and shot everyone with water guns.

Now bring on the kids….

Our grandson turned 4. He has cousins, and brothers and UNCLES. He has fun. One thing can be said about my grandsons…. they don’t sit. They don’t walk… they wake up from a good night’s sleep and are on the run. So, with two of them turning 4, it seems appropriate to have someway to celebrate this energy.

First Four Year Old Party: A boxing day.

This was not the English tradition of wrapping up after Christmas. This was an explosive, jubilant, and wild child party. I do believe that the wild children were uncles, grandfather and then the children. (Dad was deployed… but he got to experience the saga via pictures and phone.)

Yeah for online purchases, as it was easy to find the boxing equipment.

Second Four Year Old Party: Redneck Races.

We are blessed to have the access to land to run 4 wheelers. It was abandonment for street rules. Helmets were #1 requirement for all at all times, but giggles and time with an adult was also #1. I am thinking I need two more #1’s to make up 4! Jessica set up the day with plans for one on one adult child time: the child leading a blindfolded adult through a blackberry patch: OUCH! Water balloon tossing – OK, this got out of hand 🙂 and a pinata.

Need a party? Take an idea and just go with it… stretch it. See where it takes you. And know that laughter is the goal.

Then share your experience with us… we’re always looking for our next good time! byDeborahonThursday, October 08, 2009Military Life:,

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