Mary Alice Has the Right Idea

I just read Mary Alice's Blog titled Thankful Thursday. Perfect! There is so much out there, around me, in me and in my friends and loved ones for which I am thankful. I suppose every blog should be about this :) Thanks for the uplifting idea of just writing down life's reasons for making you thankful.
Here is my 'fast flight of ideas'
Doctors and medical staff who have been there for me... all too often.
Great restaurants
the sun... which I miss in the winter months
turning leaves - absolute beauty moving in the breezes
a new car that still smells new even though there is a mud sheen to it because of our country life.
Ability to move around
Political choices
Dietary craziness
The TV remote!
and Music.
Surely there are 10 gazillion more... but that was that fast flight out of my head. Thanks Mary Alice for getting me started. Hope you all are thankful on this Thursday!
To view Mary Alice's blog go to: http://fromthefrontlines.blogspot.com/2009/10/thankful-thursday.html

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