Planning for the Holidays – Programs that support you, the military family

Last year at this time our family was in the midst of our first deployment. Thanksgiving wasn’t giving me the usual warm and fuzzy vibes I get. Christmas was all but on the back burner. I just had other things to be thinking about… like my husband, & father of our three beautiful boys, off in a foreign land.

I just ran across two great programs though that are perfect for the holidays. I wanted to be sure to share them with you.

  • Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry Program – If you or your spouse is on Active Duty register for free gift cards from Sears. Money comes in from the people across the US that support you so Sears can’t guarantee how much (or if any). But this could be a wonderful opportunity to help meet some holiday financial stressers. (Or perhaps the opportunity to buy just a little something for yourself at Sears.)
  • Operation Thanksgiving Eagle 2009 – Order a free book from AUSA for your military-brats. This book is a way to thank military children for the daily sacrifices they make. Supplies are limited so I can’t make a guarantee as to how long this program will be around but I’ve heard it is a great book!
  • Operation Homefront Holidays 2009 Adopt A Family Program. Find out how to help a deserving military family this holiday season. -or- Apply to be on the receiving end from a gracious gift giver.

The Holidays are coming. Although I am quite disgusted with Target’s aisle of Christmas decor; programs like these, however, are parts of the holidays that are perfect to start planning for. Have you heard of any great holiday programs to help you through life in the military? I’d love to hear about them!

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