Military Cookbook Project: Home Cooking On The Mind

The Taste of Home. There is a magazine with that name, there is also a mindspot that is so real it opens floods of memories.

A taste of home brings our matriarchs, patriarchs and local chefs right there to the senses, all of those senses can be activated... just by the thoughts of tastes that are not at our fingertips. We all have them. Some are horrible experiences, lessons learned, laughter shared and ribbing taken or given. Then there is the images of visual dinner gatherings, and items that should just be there on the table...a favorite of someone from a recipe learned from somewhere... memories. These memories are such a rich, seasoned and stimulating part of our psyche!

When these foods are tied to a place, time and person the dynamics are such a good read. Sharing a recipe is a way to invite someone to see a glimpse, a facet of a life spent with loved ones.

Sit back, close your eyes, breath in the memories and then share it with your military family! What comes to mind, while you are away from home: deployed, separated by miles and miles, stationed in a different time zone or continually on duty and not able to walk in the door or sit at that table that gave comfort to you.

Post your picture with this recipe. That image adds packaging to your gift of a sweet time. And thank you in advance! Go to http://www.militarycookbookproject.com/ and add another page to this book of memories!


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