Popular Articles: Week of October 25 - 31

It can be hard to keep up with the latest news and happenings around the Military Community. Here are ten of the most read articles on MilitaryAvenue for the past week; news that is important to our Military Families and their community!

"Former Army Staff Sgt. Joe Beimfohr used the example of other wounded warriors to re-adapt after losing his legs in an explosion in Iraq. Now he's helping others with disabilities." This was one of our week's most popular articles. Keep Reading.

1. Flu Prevention and Treatment - DoD Roundtable Discussion

2. MilitaryAvenue Alerts

3. The Power of Reading

4. Face of Defense: Immigrant Serves Adopted Country

5. My Design Secrets - Working with Colors

6. Direct Sales Success for Military Families

7. Obama Salutes Servicemembers’ Duty, Sacrifices

8. Postal Service Announces Holiday Mailing Guidelines

9. Wounded Warrior Diaries: ‘Failure is Not an Option’

10. Dislocation Allowance


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