A Simple Gift to Make That Looks Good!

At thanksgiving time, I like to have something set up for folks to do wile either waiting for the turkey to fill the house with that undeniable, wonderful aroma … or to do while waiting for that undeniable FULL feeling to fade.

We have put together simple quilts, sewn up patchwork pillow cases, made Santa faces out of magnolia pods and even painted tree ornaments. All were fun and a bit challenging. I think being artistically challenged allows us not to go for perfection… but allows us to be perfectly content! And after a large meal… being content is a good thing!

This year we will be putting together a candle. Even though I have boxes of paraffin to use, not this time. This one is a simple votive with a bit of flair, and is about a 5 minute job.
Supplies Needed:
Clear plastic or glass container (I used an 8 oz. small drinking glass)Glass votive candle holderVotive candle or tea lightDried beans or seeds – a variety of 3 is nice.A Kleenex tissueWhite glue: school glue or Elmer’sIf there are several of you doing this… write the artist’s name on the bottom of the outside glass or tape it on the bottom. Place the glass votive holder inside the larger container. Put the candle in the votive holder. Gently stuff the top of the votive holder with the tissue. This is to prevent loose seeds from covering the candle.Now start with your first layer of seeds or dried beans. Add another layer of a different color. Top with another layer. Now drizzle the white glue over the seeds/beans. This will hold them in place. Remove the tissue and THERE YOU HAVE IT! This is a craft that is instant gratification and is really pretty! byDeborahonFriday, November 20, 2009Military Life:,,

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