Stars and Stripes Holiday Day Messages are now open for submissions!

If you have a loved one stationed overseas be sure to send them a little Christmas spirit with a Holiday Message in the Stars & Stripes print edition.

Visit the Stripes Holiday Messages website http://messages.stripes.osd.mil/ to
submit a Holiday Message to a loved one deployed or stationed overseas.

Messages submitted before Nov 27th will appear in the newspaper
according to our publishing schedule (http://messages.stripes.osd.mil/2010/holiday/schedule)

If you miss the deadline you can still send a message to your loved one via Stars & Stripes online, but it will not be in the print edition.

I did this last year for my husband deployed in Iraq and so did my mom. He treasured that 'Stars and Stripes' issue and is still upstairs with our special keepsakes. Do it today before you forget!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


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