Veterans’ Day Teacher Resource Guide

What is Veterans Day to you? A sale? A day off of work? A day off of school? An opportunity to appreciate the sacrifice our veterans have made? For many reasons I am glad that our schools do not have it as a vacation day.

The students have the opportunity to learn what Veterans Day is about. Once again, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a Teachers Resource Guide available. Last year it started a dialogue at my son’s school. I even spent a few hours in his class on the morning of Veterans Day. (Veterans’ Day in the Classroom)

I forwarded the ‘2009 Veterans Day Teachers Guide’ on to my son’s 1st grade teacher this morning. I am hoping that if it was /not/ in the plans to be talked about, that it now will be. Sometimes people just need a subtle reminder.

Are you a parent? Send this link on to your teacher. See if s/he can incorporate it in the day’s lesson-plan: http://www1.va.gov/opa/vetsday/schoolkit.asp. If you are teacher you have the opportunity to teach our children about the sacrifices of many generations of service-members. Thank you for teaching our youth that Veterans Day is not about a sale, or a government-holiday, but a celebration and an opportunity to say “Thank you” to the military-veterans around us.

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