Veterans' Day Teacher Resource Guide

What is Veterans Day to you? A sale? A day off of work? A day off of school? An opportunity to appreciate the sacrifice our veterans have made? For many reasons I am glad that our schools do not have it as a vacation day.

The students have the opportunity to learn what Veterans Day is about. Once again, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a Teachers Resource Guide available. Last year it started a dialogue at my son's school. I even spent a few hours in his class on the morning of Veterans Day. (Veterans' Day in the Classroom)

I forwarded the '2009 Veterans Day Teachers Guide' on to my son's 1st grade teacher this morning. I am hoping that if it was /not/ in the plans to be talked about, that it now will be. Sometimes people just need a subtle reminder.

Are you a parent? Send this link on to your teacher. See if s/he can incorporate it in the day's lesson-plan: http://www1.va.gov/opa/vetsday/schoolkit.asp. If you are teacher you have the opportunity to teach our children about the sacrifices of many generations of service-members. Thank you for teaching our youth that Veterans Day is not about a sale, or a government-holiday, but a celebration and an opportunity to say "Thank you" to the military-veterans around us.

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  1. Veteran's day

    For many Americans, Veteran's Day passes quietly between the hoopla of Halloween and the warm nostalgia of Thanksgiving. In that way, the reserved nature of Veteran's Day beautifully captures the quiet heroism of America's war heros. However, it is also this quiet heroism that makes us vulnerable to forgetting how astonishingly important our men and women have been in protecting our interests as a country and in protecting our freedom. Regardless of any ambiguity of the purpose or politics of today's war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there remains an undisputed and profound respect for our war heros that resonates throughout America.

    For me, the arrival of this year's Veteran's Day has stirred the emotions of deep appreciation towards military men and women and also leads me to ask myself an important question - am I living out my life in a way that justifies the pain, hardship and suffering that so many people have gone through to protect and preserve this freedom?

    It is clear, that as a citizen sitting on the sidelines of today's war, I will never fully understand the intensity of what soldiers endure. In many ways it seems like life goes on in the US as if we are not at war at all or as if this war is in some other world far apart from our daily routine. To honor the sacrifice and hardship of our war heroes we can make every effort to understand their experiences and stories.

    This Veteran's Day, I plan on honoring those who served our country by hearing their stories. The documentary films below tell the stories of vastly different foreign wars including accounts from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These SnagFilms offer a way to engage and inform vast audiences of the lives of our war heroes.



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