An ‘Expert’, me?! Most certainly!

We all have have our ‘knowledge’ areas. I can tell you quite a bit about northern-Ohio as I have lived here for several years. I can also tell you a whole lot about Military Deployment and the support that you can find out there when you need it most. Why? Because I have “Been there. Done that!”

If you haven’t heard about Military Answers, you should stroll on over to see what questions are out there that other military-families are asking for help with. It’s as close as a mouse click. BUT if you really want to help, become an “Answers Expert!”

After you sign up with an Answers account (used only for MilitaryAvenue Answers, Alerts & our monthly-newsletter) you will see our list of Military Installations. Select the bases / posts that you have lived at… 2 years ago, 10 years ago, now. These are the bases you know. Maybe a little or a lot. Installations that you could help guide another military family that is looking for help. After you have selected all of your ‘Expert Locations’ select ‘Next’.

Hit ‘Next’ and you will see our list of ‘Expert Categories’. We have quite a range of different categories from ‘Military Deployment’ to ‘Pets’ to ‘Children & Family’. If there is a category that you think you could help other families with select it. There is no limit to the number of categories (or installations) you can be an ‘expert’ at.

After you have selected the installations and categories that you can help with you are done! (That was pretty painless!) Now here comes the least painful part. Whenever a new question is asked related to an area you are an expert in you will get a very short & sweet email.

If you can help with the question there is a link to click on and type in your answer. If you can’t help then just hit ‘delete’… and that email is no longer your concern 🙂 Pain free and yet a wonderful way to help!

There is nothing like military families helping other military families!

– Leanne from

byLeanneonMonday, December 07, 2009

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