Great Intentions

I read a status of a good friend on Facebook. She decided to do new intentions for 2010 instead of New Year's Resolutions. I liked that! We go through so many areas of our lives with good intentions... mine is vacuuming a room without 17 side tracks that leave the cord strung across the floor... AGHHHH I hate to see that. The cord does get wrapped in place, the vacuum gets put away and all is well. That works for me.

What intentions are you planning on using in your daily path? Life is an avenue that we walk, sometime run/jog and often trip. Lessons are learned and wounds heal when that happens. But the fresh air and exercise of moving forward are rewards in themselves.

Have a great 2010 and keep us informed on your thoughts.


  1. I 'INTEND' to be better about scheduling meals. I TREASURE being able to sit down as a family and eat dinner most nights. However, I hate the be-witching hour from 4 to 5 when I am struggling to come up with a meal to satisfy us all. Whenever I take the time to plan out meals for the next 7 days dinner runs MUCH smoother! :)

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