(nearly) Worldess Wednesday: Sites of the Season

I have enjoyed the Christmas Season from Panama to Iceland and States all over the country. Each with it’s own unique ‘nitch’ on the month of December. (After all I can’t wear a sundress on Christmas in New York yet very comfortably did it in Panama. Snow skiing in Florida is out of the question but the mountains of Colorado & New Mexico were quite enjoyable. And we won’t even talk about the very dark December that Iceland entailed.) These are images of my Christmas season last year. You know what is even better about this year’s Christmas Season? HUBS IS HOME! Ah life is good!

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the sites, sounds, smells and so much more of the season and not too caught up in the rush & chaos of this time of year!

– Leanne from

PS: Looking for a fun web site to enjoy with the kids? NORAD officials ready to track Santa’s flight

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