The Season of Advent

I have to admit. I have WAY TOO MANY Christmas decorations. Not that my house looks like a gaudy gingerbread-house when all is said and done... but that in these days of craziness it takes me two or three days to get it all done. In some ways I just don't look forward to dragging it all out of the basement, setting it up and then taking it down in a month (or less). BUT I have to admit once I have all the decorations out, I can sit back and relax (between the craziness, of course), and I do truly enjoy the trimmings of the season.

One of my favorite Christmas-pieces is an advent calendar my mom & dad bought for me back when our middle-child was born. It is a magnetic board with little boxes all around it. Each day the boys take their turn (one a day) at pulling out that day's magnet to put on the board. We are reminded AT LEAST that one time of day (usually first thing in the morning) what the real story of Christmas is. We talk about the stars, the animals, the inn keeper, Joseph, the story of the 3 Kings, Mary & of course the baby born in a manager over 2,000 years ago, the most important part of our little manger scene.

The rest of my decorations are just that... decorations. But our advent calendar is part of the story-board of our lives.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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