Tradition The Depths Can Be Only be Measured in Your Mind.

It's traditional. And traditions in December, at Christmas time cause my thoughts to go spelunking... cave diving around the spirals of my mind. There are so many places, so many faces, so many hurdles jumped, parties attended and given, gifts purchased, cards written and received, children's programs directed and those that we were in the audience over the years. Wonderful traditions and celebrations all.

The filing cabinet for these remembrances is now standing in the living room. Twelve feet tall and lit up: 2009's Christmas tree. Yeee Ha! It's up, lit and decorated. And it is beautiful. We sat last night just looking at it and pointing to our history. Each move has a marker on that tree.

Icelandic ornaments: House on top of the world, and a wooden doll.

Panamanian Ornaments that we brought home were straw animals.

You get the idea... New Mexico, Texas, and every other station fills a spot in our hearts and is brought back to mind as we celebrate the season and friendships. I hope your Christmas, your holiday time is the best. I hope you get to share it with loved ones and friends.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! The best of your holiday season!


  1. How cute is that Military Avenue ornament? I love it.

    As a Guard/Reserve family, our Christmas tree isn't quite as international, but the National Guard ornaments made each year are pretty to look at.

    One looks just like a picture I took of my daughter and husband when he was set to deploy a few years back...all the soldiers' backs to us and her in the back row with him, holding his hand.

    It's hard to describe and the ornament wasn't based off our family picture, but it encapsulated perfectly a military moment we all tend to have in common.

    Thanks for the pictures of your beautiful tree. Merry Christmas to the MilAve family. Best Wishes for Happy spelunking in 2010!

    Star and the Army Wife Network


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