Migraines and the power of human touch

I am a migraine sufferer.  I will never forget my first migraine.  The night before my best-friend’s wedding.  I was sleeping at her place in the guest room and woke up suddenly sometime after midnight with so much pressure behind my eye that I couldn’t lay down.  I could only sit in the bed wondering if I was dying.  (Ok, so sometimes I’m dramatic.)  I could not move my head an inch… it lasted for what felt like hours.  I finally was able to make it to the bathroom where I proceeded to throw-up, which brought some major relief.  That was the start of a long history of migraine headaches (for 14 years now).

I’ve been on Imitrex, pills and nasal spray.  Somehow the Imitrex stopped working after a few years and the doctor moved me on to Frova.  Frova is my life-line.  I read recently that Frova is made for migraines that last a LONG time, not ones that come out of the blue, but migraines that you can start to feel coming and if you don’t catch them early enough can last for days.  Yep… that would be me!

So this past Sunday a migraine started while I sat in church.  My first real one since I found out I was pregnant (and therefore I have to be Frova free… sigh…).  I tried everything to get rid of the pain: a hot wash cloth; closing my eyes for hours; a homeopathic bag my mom made for me;  showers & baths; drinking LOTS of water.  By Wednesday afternoon (three days later) the migraine finally faded and I was washed with a feeling of relief.

Last night as I was getting my boys to bed I felt the pain coming AGAIN.  But this time it was behind my left eye instead of my right.  I pulled out a cold-compress this time to see if it would help, and although the cold felt good, the minute I took it off the pain was back.  At midnight I got some Tylenol.  By 3am it hurt so bad that I would put it on my list of  “Top 10 Migraines”.  I got a hot wash-cloth, crawled back in bed and started to cry.  I didn’t mean to. . . I was trying not to bother hubs … but I hurt.  I hurt bad.  He scooted to my side of the bed, wrapped his arms around me and said, “Your head?”  I whimpered “Yes”, and he squeezed a little harder and we just laid there together. 

Some how that touch, that hold, took the pain away enough that I could sleep.

The headache isn’t gone this morning, but it isn’t so bad that I can’t move.  I’m feeling human enough.  But I am reminded of the power of human touch!  If you know someone that is hurting, in a very real way, whether emotionally or physically reach out.  Be there for them!  You may be surprised what your touch can do!

– Leanne from

BTW any tips for a pregnant gal with migraines?  I’d love to hear them 🙂
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