Shakin’ in my boots

Monday I will step out of my comfort zone. In a big way! I don’t do a lot public speaking. Strike that. I don’t do public speaking. But when I was called by an acquaintance earlier this Fall and asked to speak at a MOPS meeting about being a military-wife & mom how could I say no? I’m honored that this group of gals not only thought of ME to speak but that they want to hear about the “plight” of military-wives at all.

The meeting will start off with the usual coffee, breakfast and fellowship with fellow moms of preschoolers, toddlers and babies. Fellowship with adults: Something ALL moms need. Then it will be down to ‘business’. As I understand it the group is going to work on a KidsLink Downrange project, making cards for “military-brats” to send to their deployed dad or mom. The cards will all be bundled up and sent to Fort Bragg for distribution, according to the website.

The fun thing about this is we aren’t a military-town. There is a small Coast Guard station by us and quite a handful of us National Guard folk spattered throughout the area… but for the MOST part not many are affected in a real way by the deployments and stress of military-life. So I’m excited to share my story, in a very positive atmosphere. I’m excited to share the story of US Military wives around the world to a group of gals that don’t know our way of life, but are eager to listen. After all, “We use strength to carry us. Distance to mold us. Tears to soften us. Laughter to brighten us. Perseverance to humble us.” (Military Spouse Appreciation) And maybe a little bit of 'Shakin' in our boots' to grow-stronger.

I’ll have to let you know how it goes when all is said and done but in the mean time… prayers for a little serenity would be MUCH appreciated. :)

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

PS ... As a mom of a little one are you looking to get out of the house and have face-to-face time with fellow moms? Find a MOPS group in your area. You won't regret it! Find out more about Military MOPS.

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  1. Hello, Leanne! My name is Theresa Wilson; I work with Cadence International, the organization partnering with MOPS to create and distribute KidsLink card kits to military children. We were very happy to read your post "Shakin' in my boots" (written in January although I just came across it) and would love to get in touch with you through e-mail to see where we might send you a gift as a thank you. My e-mail is theresa.wilson@cadence.org. Thank you again for all you do!

    Theresa Wilson
    Administrative Assistant, Design & Media
    Cadence International


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