Thankful Thursday: Sunny-Yellow Flowers

I am thankful for bright yellow-sunny flowers in the dead of winter; flowers from my wonderful husband for no apparent reason.  Funny, he came home for a little while yesterday during lunch and was just a little-snippy.  Not sure what was bothering him but his answers to my questions were short.  His patience was very lacking.

So what did I do in turn?  I didn't nag him.  I didn't get my undies-in-a-bunch.  I just let it go.  (I'm convinced that he sometimes gets a waft of my pregnancy-hormones ... and we all know what they can do to us girls ... well the mood-swing can be ten times worse for the dear husbands of pregnant women ;).)  He told me as he was leaving after lunch that he needed to run just a couple errands after work and asked if there was anything I needed.  I contemplated it.  Got a a silly grin on my face... and said "I'm sure there is SOMETHING I need but I just can't think of anything."

You see in my years of living with dear hubs I've learned that sometimes moods are just that ... moods... something that can come-quickly and leave just as quickly.  But my being upset that he was grumpy was not going to help the situation - and in fact, sometimes with a little silliness we can help each other come out of a blue-funk.

So at dinner time he walked in with flowers.  My favorite color flowers on a January day.  Not only do they brighten the room, but they brighten my heart.  He simply said that I said I wanted something and so he delivered.  Isn't he a good guy?!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Great blog and very smart husband! Dealing with emotions and "blue funks" can be a challenge! You handled it very well!

  2. Nice blog. You are lucky to have a wonderful husband who gifts flowers that really looks awesome.


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