Angels Amongst Us …

… or just some really wonderful people.

It was a long weekend.  The snow started Friday night.  Hubs had National Guard duty Saturday and Sunday.  He needed to be at the armory at 8am.  Since he is about two and a half hours from his destination on a clear-roads-type-of-day he set his alarm for 4am hoping that would give him enough time to drive down even with all of the snow that was falling.

He wasn’t counting on the five foot drift up against our garage.  The fact that it took him over 30 minutes to just get out of our driveway and on to the snow-covered roads of our development had me worried.  I knew he had quite a bit of country road to tackle to get to his final destination.  I assumed the snow-plows wouldn’t be keeping up. 

Four hours later though, he had arrived!  (Phew!) His speed was cut down to more than half of the speed-limit.  Visibility was pretty poor.  But he made it to the armory safe and sound without incident.

But we had an event to attend to for Hub’s civilian-job Saturday night.   We had paid for (expensive) dinner tickets a month ago.  He insisted we needed to go.  I do believe his middle name is Stubborn.  No snow was going to stop him from getting home, despite his wife’s stress level at the thought of him turning around and tackling the snow-covered roads again.

So while he was driving home on the snow-swept roads of central Ohio I was getting fussied up; shower, make-up, fancy dress and all.

Somewhere on the drive home Hubs hit a patch of ice.  His Mazda 3 did a spin and landed in a ditch.  Not only did the passenger-truck that was in front of him stop but so did two other cars.  One car was carrying a shovel, as was Hubs (at his wife’s insistence I might add!).  So they started shoveling.  The truck had a rope and had him pulled out in no time. 

Hubs didn’t even have time to stand around in the freezing temperature.  He didn’t have a moment to sit in his car before someone was asking, ‘Are you ok?’  He didn’t even have time to flag someone down to ask if they could help.

What could have been a major incident was just a blip in the radar of the day.
To the folks that stopped, you are angels amongst us.  It is wonderful when ordinary citizens reach out and help.  It was cold out there.  It was dark.  The wind was blowing.  It would have been easy to say ‘someone else’ will help I need to keep driving.  But Saturday night you helped a Soldier, my soldier.  Someone who I KNOW would have done the same for you, but that doesn’t make your good-deed anything less.   Thank you!  This wife is filled with gratitude.

BTW we did make it to dinner that night, a little late … but maybe we just appeared ‘fashionable’.  I still wish we had stayed home, de-stressed, warmed-up … but Stubborn is his middle name.

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