Crafty-Goodness: Flower pens for Valentines, Mothers Day, Military Spouse Appreciation, etc etc

Somehow people think I’m crafty.  I have no idea where they got that notion but once again I was put in charge of doing a craft for my son’s Valentines Party.  After searching for something a little different I found a cute idea for making a ‘flower-pen’!  This would be a great craft for a number of holidays!  Valentines, Mother’s Day, Military-Spouse Appreciation Day… or for any get together, such as PWOC, MOPS, OWC, etc etc where there might be a registration table with pens.

Since first graders are able to do this I bet you can too!
Take a regular pen and cover it in green flower tape (fairly inexpensive tape you can find in the fake-floral section of any discount store or craft store). When you get near the middle, you hold a fake flower with a 3-inch stem against the pen and continue putting tape around the pen and the flower stem, until it reaches the top. Voila, you now have a wonderful flower pen.

If you have small hands doing this you might want to use scotch tape to hold the flower to the pen first and then just use the flower tape to cover the stem and scotch-tape.  For the purpose of our Valentines Party tomorrow, I have already attached all the flowers to the pens with the scotch tape.  Then I plan on cutting the green flower tape into 6 inch strips.  I think this will be easier for small hands to handle.  They can then each use two or three strips for their pens.

Kids can take a clear plastic cup and paint it to decorate it like a flowerpot. Fill it with some beans and put the flower pen in it -OR- Instead of a flower pot, they can use their brand new pens to write a ‘Valentine’ to someone they love on fancy paper; a mom, dad, grandma or someone else special in their life.  If it is a Mother’s Day project they can write a letter of thanks to their Mom.  If there is an event that honors ladies in your life this is a great project!
As part of a welcoming committee perhaps you could make several of these before a big event!  Get ladies together over coffee and you can tackle this easy-job that much quicker.  When they are done put them in vases around the room for guests to use.  A very pretty, yet practical, center-piece!  Send the ladies home with their new pens & they will remember your event every time they look at their crafty flower-pen! 🙂

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