Iceland Land of Ice and Fire and Fantastic Memories

This morning as I scrolled through new facebook updates, I saw that a friend had joined a group of which we were once part. I began to scroll through my own memory to recall other groups that really stand out in the fun factor of life.

Fun factor could also mean… a stretching experience. Living in a land of light and dark did play games on the psyche. And when the game got tough, friends stood side by side checking to see that our folks were winning and not the elements! It was a long 3 year game, but within those 3 years we made friends that are exemplary of heroes, military’s finest – across all of the services and international friends too.

I would never say that we had a hometown experience there, but we were at home with the strength and support of those there and the importance of the mission. I can say this as a spouse, as our squadron pulled in all the family to the inner circle of living.

I joined the 56th Air Squadron facebook group. The pictures threw me into the jet stream and posted voices, names and stomping grounds. A video brought smiles, and the weight of the darkness that hung there for 5+ months.

Now I need to see if the administrator of the group will allow me to post some of my pictures on there!

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