What would you ask at the Council of College and Military Educators?

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You would think Nashville would be warmer than Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Well it's not.  In fact, it is snowing as I type. This week I am at the Council of College and Military Educators: http://www.ccmeonline.org/nashville10.aspx.

I will have a chance to meet with military program directors from a number of colleges and universities that want to get in front of military audiences. The week will heat up Tuesday morning with the convention opening.

While at the convention I will have numerous opportunities to ask military friendly universities, Military OneSource staff, and other attendees any questions you may have. Please use our Education Avenue, Answers tool, Facebook page, Twitter, leave a comment on the blog, or email me at dan@militaryavenue.com with any questions you may have.  I WANT to find the answers to Your higher-education questions!

I will be blogging throughout the convention so please hit refresh on our blog frequently. Oh, and I will be sure to post a wrap up as soon as I get back to Michigan on Friday!


Dan Kissinger


  1. Do many state universities allow out of state military folks in-state tuition?

  2. Most likely not a great deal of jobs showing US history or world history in indistinguishable setting from secondary teachers, yet there are a lot of showing jobs in the military. https://www.essaytigers.co.uk/


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