Spring is on the calendar: Get Ready!

Springtime, it is written right there on our calendar. Tax return is there. Negotiate with a new trash company reminder circles Thursday’s date. Pick out new eye glasses after the 15th. All important steps in the health and welfare of the house. But the first… SPRINGTIME oh yes, that is the one that keeps me coming back and gazing at the neat rows of days.
There is the heaviest blanket of sparkling snow outside right now. Deer tracks stripe the hill in the front. Squirrels send snowballs cascading off of the thick snow lined limbs and the birds are as active as I have seen them. There is movement! I am thinking I am not the only one looking ahead!So, what is on the menu this Monday? Some delicious thoughts of walks in the woods looking for morel mushrooms, signs of raspberry blossoms, the aromas of tiny herb plants and snap peas being planted outside.It is time to get ready. Time to get springing in to action with a garden plan. When you step in this direction, make certain that you know your zone for early planting days. Grab your garden gloves and get your hands down in the dirt! It is a menu for a great day! Hope you will see the future right there… and it starts with seeing Springtime on your calendar. It is a great sight!
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