Taking Time to Taste some Green

Destination Georgia. Departure Michigan. Expectation sun and fun and warmth and great time with hubs.
The destination occurred. Departure was early and accurate. Expectations can change like the weather. Fun with Dale… you betcha! Tennessee was coated with fresh snow. Drivers were jumping with frayed nerves. Rays of sunlight were sparking and flying with clods of snow flying off of car and truck roofs, as if snowballs were being thrown at the anxiety filled folks who’s windshields had refracted sunlight that caused their braking foot to clamp down to the floor. Yet they were able to breath. They made it through curves and turns and we made it to our hotel. Yes!!! Chattanooga, first night on the road en route to Fort Stewart.
This was
a new city for us. Dale and I have traveled for nearly 40 years together. That is a lot of miles and adventure. So, a new city is always fun. We asked the on duty hotel clerk for a recommendation for a good restaurant with local flavor. Without hesitation he pointed out a historic spot: Mt.Vernon. A lovely spot that is now run by the original owner’s granddaughter. Family pride accounts for more than just something. This place was a perfect respit after a long day… and another one following.
We ordered the recommended fried green tomatoes with a horseradish sauce. Wow. The preparation and presentation brought back memories from travels long ago. Now I am truely ready for spring and tomato planting.
Such fun to get out, see sites that I have seen in travel magazines, postcards and friends’ pictures.
We made it to Fort Stewart, Georgia. Sandy grounds, southern drawls, sweet smiles and Army Proud folk. Life is good. Now our thoughts are going forward to Savannah. Always looking forward. Always enjoying some great meals along the way. Traveling and living… always going forward. This just seems right!byDeborahonThursday, March 04, 2010Military Life:,,

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