Thankful Thursday: Sunshine

This morning as I stood sipping coffee and folding laundry (not my favorite thing to be doing first thing in the morning ... the laundry part) with my back to the kitchen glass-door I felt this warmth growing all around me.  It started on the back of my neck, worked it's way around to my shoulders, found the center of my back and then the legs of my jeans, finally it settled in to my very core.

It was the sun, STREAMING through my window.  A sign of warmer days to come.  A sign of winter winding down.  A sign that SOON I will be able to throw open the back door and invite the sunshine and fresh air into my kitchen to stay.

It is a sunglasses required type of day ... and that makes me smile a mile wide!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. Folks down here in Hinesville, GA. are saying it is cold. As if! The sun is shining here too. Not a drop of snow in view. Tonight spouses will be gathering at Club Stewart for an event that will give them reason to be Army Proud.


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