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Faces Behind the Hero: Shannon, Navy Wife: What a blessing it is to get to know our military community! I put the call out on Friday afternoon with a desire to get to know ‘The Faces Behind the Heroes’, spouses, parents, military-brats, and I have been overwhelmed with responses. Thank you!  Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Shannon! A beautiful and thought-filled Navy Spouse. I hope you enjoy getting to see a small glimpse of her Navy way of life. Thank you, Shannon! …

5 tax tips for tough tax situations: As the April 15th deadline looms, tax time becomes crazier and crazier. And that’s in the best of circumstances. If you add in a few of life’s curveballs, you could have a downright disaster. So, your returns may be relatively uncomplicated, but new circumstances can make tax preparation a bit trickier.  This year, says USAA’s J.J. Montanaro, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner, you may want to consider engaging the help of a tax professional to make sure you are taking advantage of the tax incentives. …

Army Wives Do Know How to Have Fun!:  Army Proud. Army of One… not for their spouses! We just closed up shop on another Priceless Package Field Exercise. Say that twice.  Starlett Henderson and Tara Crooks put on a show! WOW! Young spouses who are away from home for the first time… with hubs away from them learned how to reach out, talk, react, connect, communicate, laugh, encourage and be encourage and they learned from experienced spouses who have been there done that and bought the tee shirt… but know that deployments NO WAY get easier.

Why is a Military Discount Valuable for a Marketing Strategy: Occasionally I revert back to my military experiences when planning events for the family. I receive some friendly harassment from family members who are used to it and also those still adapting to the “colonel” in their lives. But my planning is part of the strategy of getting the most of life; following my principles and God; and taking time to care for those who I protect and love. So my strategy sets the tone for my planning.  What is strategy?

Support Our Military Kids – Refresh Everything: Our Military Kids has some exciting news to share with you, and we need your help to get the word out. Our organization applied for a grant from the Pepsi Corporation called “Refresh Everything”. In 2010, Pepsi will give millions of dollars to fund good ideas that make the world a better place. Our Military Kids applied for a $50,000 grant award to provide grants to cover fees for enrichment activities for children of members of the Armed Forces who have died while serving our nation.

2010 Operation Purple® Camp Locations Announced: The National Military Family Association is excited to announce the locations for the 2010 Operation Purple summer camps. This free summer camp program was developed by the Association to support military children dealing with the stress of war. The seventh summer of Operation Purple camps will host children at 67 locations in 35 states as well as 2 overseas locations. Individual camp sites and information will be available on March 15 when registration opens.

Spouses Welcome to Apply for Fellowship: I wanted to pass on some great information about a fellowship program for military spouses who may be interested in pursuing a financial counseling career.  Applications are being accepted now through April 30, 2010, for the Military Spouse Accredited Financial Counselor Fellowship program, which will educate and train up to 200 military spouses to become certified financial counselors. …

MilitaryAvenue Help for the Military Community while Selling or Renting their Home during this next PCS Season: The next PCS season is quickly upon us and many military families and personnel already have orders for a move this summer. We relocated 18 times and know well that feeling of excitement for a new spot/job! But then the challenges and stresses start arriving. The top one usually has to do with either housing or spouse employment. …

Thankful Thursday: Sunshine – This morning as I stood sipping coffee and folding laundry (not my favorite thing to be doing first thing in the morning … the laundry part) with my back to the kitchen glass-door I felt this warmth growing all around me. It started on the back of my neck, worked it’s way around to my shoulders, found the center of my back and then the legs of my jeans, finally it settled in to my very core. It was the sun, STREAMING through my window. A sign of warmer days to come.

States Thank the Military:  May is National Military Appreciation Month—a time to honor, appreciate, and remember military personnel and their families for their service to our country. It recognizes those on active duty, the National Guard and Reserves, retirees, veterans and all their families and survivors. As indicated below, many states show appreciation to the military in unique ways.

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