April: Month of the Military Child

This is going to be quick because I need to get outside and play with MY favorite Military-Brats.  It is their first day of Spring Break.  It is over 70 degrees outside.  There is no reason for my to be behind the computer EXCEPT as a quick reminder that April is Month of the Military Child!  What a wonderful group-of people to celebrate.  I am one!  I may be 36... but will always be a Brat!   It has defined me, and continues to define me.

My own children, are a different sort of Brat.  They may not PCS every two-years like I did as a child but they have seen their father head off to war and have missed him for a year at a time. 

There is no 'standard' brat in today's society.  That is for certain.

So before I head out to enjoy the sunshine ... I thought I would leave you with some great Military Brat Resources!  I hope you enjoy them and then go and enjoy your own 'Brats'!

Month of the Military Child Web site
Defense.gov - Special Report: Month of the Military Child
Operation Military Kids Web site

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- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. Just FYI, Stiletto Gear, a fashion boutique for military families, is releasing adorable new "Military Brat" tees to celebrate the Month of the Military Child! www.stilettogear.com.

    We're talking to Soldier's Angels about donating some tees for care packages as well... so hopefully you'll see that up on our site soon too!


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