April: Month of the Military Child

This is going to be quick because I need to get outside and play with MY favorite Military-Brats.  It is their first day of Spring Break.  It is over 70 degrees outside.  There is no reason for my to be behind the computer EXCEPT as a quick reminder that April is Month of the Military Child!  What a wonderful group-of people to celebrate.  I am one!  I may be 36… but will always be a Brat!   It has defined me, and continues to define me.

My own children, are a different sort of Brat.  They may not PCS every two-years like I did as a child but they have seen their father head off to war and have missed him for a year at a time. 

There is no ‘standard’ brat in today’s society.  That is for certain.

So before I head out to enjoy the sunshine … I thought I would leave you with some great Military Brat Resources!  I hope you enjoy them and then go and enjoy your own ‘Brats’!

Month of the Military Child Web site
Defense.gov – Special Report: Month of the Military Child
Operation Military Kids Web site

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– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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