Christmas in May …

My boys, *C* and *E*, got a ‘Butterfly Feeder’ for Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law. Kind of one of those presents the boys opened up and thought, well this is nice but it is not plastic, bulky and breakable with lots of small pieces… ok maybe not their exact thought … but is the general thoughts of me as they open gifts upon gifts at that time of year.

I put the feeder away with my ‘Spring home-decor’ in the basement and last month pulled it out and put it in on a shelf to wait for a warmer day. We set it out today.  Now the boys are excitedly (putting on my my best Elmer Fudd voice) ‘hunting for butterflies‘… not to harm of course but to watch. 🙂

I do love Christmas presents that I can put away and use in the Spring / Summer / Fall time. – Just another time when the Christmas paper has all been thrown away, tree and decorations are in the basement and we have forgotten most of what we even received. It’s almost like Christmas in May here today 🙂

Just something to think about as you hit the ‘sales of the season’. As seasons change it can be a great time to pick something up to put in the closet. (Of course the trick is to remember it is there!) Does it matter if it is oogled swim-goggles for Christmas or coveted winter-gloves for an August birthday? You will not only get a ‘Thank You’ when they open but then an even bigger ‘Thank You’ when they actually get to use it!

– Leanne from

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