His Eye is on the Sparrow …

There is an old Gospel Hymn that I grew up with, ‘His Eye Is on the Sparrow’… “For His Eye is on the Sparrow … and I know He watches me.” I never put deep thought to the song until today. I’m about to get ‘preachy’ and in many ways I don’t want to “leave a bad taste”  with anyone by sharing my beliefs (truly they aren’t offensive) but I do want you to know that you are cared for. We all need that reminder!

Today. Hubs was out in the field. He left yesterday evening and will be home tomorrow night. Not a major stretch of time but long enough to invoke Murphy’s Law: “Something” will happen simply because he is not home. It has happened before, sometimes it prove that yes, even I can handle broken washing machines, sometimes it proves that I have the best of neighbors / family / friends and it is ok to rely on others!

We have a couple vents on our house in the back. One is for the bathroom fan and the other is for the oven-range fan. Well… a sparrow decided this would be a perfect place to build a nest. They apparently are known for this little act-of-squatting. When I heard scratching in the wall behind the oven range-hood this morning I was a bit alarmed but figured it out pretty quickly. Little boys, *E* and *C*, were concerned for the fate of the bird, rightly-so. I was concerned for the fate of the bird AND the very-possibility of a dead-bird stinking up my walls!

So a call was made to my father-in-law. Mr. Fix-It. Mr. Handy. Mr. What-Would-We-Do-Without-Him?! He came over as soon as he could. What should have been an ‘easy-enough’ project of taking down the range-hood turned into a major fiasco when we discovered the hood was never vented by the home-builder, 14 years ago… and that vent outside led to a medal duct in the wall serving no purpose, other than to trap this poor bird. The bird had dropped in and couldn’t get back up is all I can figure. (Although it did lead to a conversation with my boys about what “bird-brained” meant…

But here is my point… We have a God that cares about this little “bird-brained” sparrow (Matthew 6:26)… A God who can count the hairs on our head (Matthew 10:30)… A God who cares for something as inconsequential as the lilies of the field (Matthew 6:28) Which brings to mind a /great/ song from my child-hood… “Jehovah” by Amy Grant. Take a minute to click on the link and listen. I can wait…

Consider the lilies of the fieldSolomon dressed in royal robes has not the worth of themConsider the lilies of the fieldHe takes after each and every needLeave all your cares behindSeek him and you will findYour Father loves you so

This afternoon we freed the sparrow. We had to take down cabinets, tear down dry-wall, and pry-open a metal-duct. (We … being my father-in-law) But we freed that sparrow. If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps and wondering who out there really cares about YOU I want you to know that you are cared about! You may have to reach out; make some noise; and scratch at the walls in your life. But take the time to do that! You are SO much more meaningful than a small-sparrow… think about how much that sparrow is loved!  You have a heavenly-Father who loves you and friends and family who care for you!

– Leanne from

PS I’d also like to add what wonderful in-laws I have. They drop whatever they are doing to help… all the time. You don’t get much better support than what I have! I hope you can find the support you need, when you need it. I also hope you can be the support, the empowerment others need as well!byLeanneonSaturday, May 01, 2010Military Life:,

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