Military Spouse Blog Hop: Hi, my name is Leanne :)

I just ran across a Military Spouse Blog Hop going on at fellow military-spouse’s blog “Riding the Roller Coaster“. What a great idea for this special-week for Military Spouses! I have had a lot of fun getting to know Military Spouses through our “Faces Behind the Hero” and this is another great way, the blog-hop, to network! (BTW … I’m looking for more ‘Faces’. Let me know if you are interested!)

First of all as a way of introduction, I am Leanne; wife of a National Guard Soldier, daughter of a retired-Airman (retired after I was married… so the only life I knew was of a ‘Brat‘.). I am mother to two boys, *E* (7 years old) and *C* (5 years old), step-mom to the very handsome *J* (16 years old) and mom-to-be of BabyBoy *L*, due in August. I am the Queen of my Home, the Pink in a sea of Blue, the hen that rules the roost :).

My husband and I met when he was in the Marine Corp Reserves. My roommate from college married his roommate from college. The bride and groom were high-school sweethearts who went to college states apart from each other. They married the autumn after college-graduation; and Hubs and I walked together in the wedding.  Afterwards, we corresponded via email and phone calls and then 6 months later I made a road trip from Chicago (my home then) to northeast Ohio, with many more trips back and forth to follow. 5 years later we were married! He has since joined the Army National Guard in their JAG unit. He seems to spend more weekends away from home then at home, and we have survived and conquered a year deployment to Iraq. (Yes, I consider myself very fortunate to only have had one deployment like that.)

I am Director of Research and Development for It is wonderful having a passion and I am fortunate to have many! Military Support, Community Support, and Family; life is good! Blogging, only a wee-part of what I do for MilAve, has been a great outlet for me, personally.  I’ve written about deployment, military-support, even trivial-blogs, like wordless-Wednesdays (although, I rarely am ‘wordless’…). I write along-side Col K., Deborah and Dan, members of the MilitaryAvenue Team. So you get quite a mix of perspectives, writing styles, etc etc on ‘Our Letters to You’. I am so glad you found us! (If you are a military-family leave a comment with your blog and I’d be happy to add you to our blog roll!)

– Leanne from

PS I am passionate about Military Spouse support!  Find out more about what is happening to honor our spouses this coming Friday and the month of May, in honor of our Military Families. “Military Spouse Appreciation Day – 2010“byLeanneonMonday, May 03, 2010Military Life:,,

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