Would you like a bouquet?

Recently we traveled to Fort Riley and participated in the Army Wife Network (AWN) “Priceless Package”. When this event comes to your post, be FIRST in line to sign up for a seat. It is an unbelievable time of relaxing, laughing, learning and sharing. All attendees walk out of that room with a greater understanding of military pride. They are armed with battle buddies, recognize that normal is WONDERFUL and gripping a piece of normalcy and holding on to that with flexed fingers is all important. Like my Aunt used to say… “whatever doesn’t make you stronger kills ya.” She had a way with words!

This time is a must for a spouse. The companies that participate appreciate that. So when I got an email from telling me they were sending a package with a helium canister and ready to use balloons… strings already attached 🙂 I knew that a colorful balloon bouquet would bring a smile to anyone, and it did. Some folks recognized the box, others just loved the idea!

A network of spouses tied together by friendship, even the hardship of deployment was represented in that bouquet of balloons – different sizes, colors and shapes all holding themselves above the person with a hand outstretched. Feeling like you need to connect? Do not hesitate to find some support. It is out there, and there are others who just might need you to be in their bouquet of friends!
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