Customer Service 1,000 miles Away

Dale and I zoomed thought the aisles of the Fort Riley PX. It is a great store, some seems to be better than others… could it be I love the one I am in at the time? No matter. Fort Riley’s PX has racks of clothing, shelves with Vera Bradley bags, eye catching sandals, and summer pizzazzy (my word) crocheted fun purses.
I was shopping for a fun outfit to wear to a niece’s wedding in New York. I have a standard wardrobe. I know my colors. I can mix and match items from one outfit to another, ready to be on the road with as little baggage as possible. So, when I spotted a wildly colored orange, turquoise and yellow skirt… so NOT my colors, I picked it up and put it down a dozen times, and thought… forget standard. This could be fun. I proceeded to find a top that would survive suitcase living, a sweater -as nights are always cold up in the Adirondack mountains in NY, snazzy shoes (orange and turquoise!) and that crazy handbag. Let me tell ya, my mind was stylyn!
Days after we got home from Kansas, I took the outfit out to inspect. ARGHHHHHH during my decision as to if I wanted the skirt or not… picking it up and putting it back… I picked up a size 4. Ha ha ha, that would fit my right leg… not good. Not good at all.
So, I decided to call the PX and spoke with the manager. I told him immediately that I was a bad customrer, as I should have checked out the size. I should have been alert. But no. Could they, would they send if available, the correct size. Nothing like this skirt was in the AAFES online store. I checked. I checked everywhere before pleading like a fool
on the phone.
Ready to promise anything that they wanted to get this skirt, ready to beg like a mad fool… I heard his response: a pleasant.. “let me check to see if we still have it.” OH! OH! I was hoping!
Five minutes later I received a phone call that it would be in the mail, I covered the cost of shipping and the new skirt.. AND WOWERS I was and am the poster child for AAFES. They are the best, and have been.
Thank you AAFES for all that you do, for all the places that you serve, and for the extra mile, and in this case 1,000 miles that you extended yourself! Well done!byDeborahonWednesday, June 16, 2010Military Life:,

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