Father's Day Tribute to Dad and GrandDad

Our grandson is learning parts of speech... Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb.
An end of year English assignment.
Applying this lesson to our marvelous military Dads...
Here goes:

pilot, mechanic, chemist, scientist, driver, boss, private, ensign, captain, lieutenant, sergeant, officer, NCO, teacher, student, doctor, psychologist, nurse, technician, author, chief, cook, photographer, dancer, golfer, swimmer, runner, walker, jogger, trainer, athlete, musician, astronaut, diver, physicist, professional

fly, soar, zoom, fight, protect, challenge, uphold, encourage, trust, teach, learn, study, hold, shoot, read, write, swim, dive, direct, diagnose, decipher, decide, lead, develop, display, speed, endure, sweat,

intelligent, talented, dedicated, persistent, able bodied, nuclear, trained, good, better, best, long-suffering, articulate, handsome, brave, light hearted, caring, conquering,

boldly, brilliantly, continually, triumphantly
Thanks Dads everywhere for being there. For sharing your time with the next generation. Is there anything that is more important than that? Happy Father's Day to you.

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