A Minute Out of the Norm: Cooking with the kids

It is summer time!  School is out and the kids are thinking AHHHH a break from learning.  HA!  Little do they know that there is learning-opportunities in the every day 🙂

One of the boys ‘Summer Jobs’ options each week is to help Mom make dinner.   It is usually one of the first chores chosen but little do they know what I have up my sleeve.

  • They read the recipe to me
  • They measure the ingredients.  Just to make it fun sometimes if a recipe calls for a cup of something we figure out how to get up to a cup (without using the actual 1-cup measurer) … 2 half cups, 1/4 cup plus 1/4 cup, plus 1/2 cup… etc etc
  • We talk about what time to take food out of the oven (adding minutes to the current time)
  • We practice safety by chopping carefully (onions, celery, apples…)
  • We clean-up as we go and remember a clean workspace is safest

I love watching them learn even when they least expect it.  They love this kind of learning!  Next time you are getting lunch or dinner ready in the kitchen pull the kids in.  Find time to enjoy the love of learning in the every day!

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