Minute Out of the Norm: Tie Dye!

We have a summer routine here when the boys are home and not in child-care. We relax in the morning, watch a little PBS; get dressed for the day; do a few pages in their age-appropriate workbooks (we like to keep the mind active EVEN during the summer… ) and then it is time for something FUN!

This week our fun was TIE-DYE! I bought a kit at WalMart… It was about $15 for a kit to make 7 shirts, plus I bought 4 white t-shirts ($3 each) and one toddler-onsie. The plan is to take the shirts to ‘Camp Grandpa’ this summer; so we made one for each of my younger boys, plus 3 more for the nephews & niece also attending Camp Grandpa. (Or I should say the niece that isn’t old enough to attend YET but someday. She gets her own special tie-dyed onesie!)

It’s fun to watch the kids creativity come out. This is one of our more ‘expensive’ crafty-projects for the summer … but well worth it! And really just over $30 for 5 shirts … and a TON of fun?! (with the mess to prove it!) Who can beat that?

I love the routine of summer, and the lack of routine of summer, and everything else in between. Do something fun with the kids! Visit the Arts & Crafts section at your PX/BX/NEX, WalMart or Target. Pick up a few projects to scatter through the summer … or think of something on your own! The possibilities are endless ­čÖé

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