Sea to Shining Sea… on a bicycle!

I just read about a wonderful cause, “Sea to Shining Sea”. Imagine riding your bike from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. I’m breathless just thinking about it. ‘Group of Injured Veterans to Bicycle Sea to Shining Sea — Ride Across America Led by World T.E.A.M. Sports’:

“Spanning 63 days and 4,000 miles, the cyclists will test their physical limits and inspire people, disabled or not, to live active and enriched lives.” –

Needless to say I’m inspired! As you may know I am about 31 weeks pregnant with baby #3. Last week I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes… genetics had a huge play in this one for me. This morning I had to go see the dietician to learn about how to control the diabetes so that BabyBoy will not be born looking more the size of a toddler then an infant. Half of the battle for me will be exercise. I am supposed to get 30 minutes of physical exercise a day. I’m on my way home going HOW, OH HOW, am I ever going to be able to walk for a stretch of 30 minutes?! I know that may not sound like much to you … but to me? I can lose my breath walking a flight of stairs at this point in my pregnancy! 30 minutes of walking around the neighborhood sounds like a death-march to me. (But of course for the sake of BabyBoy, I will!)

So I come home from my appointment with the wonderful-dietician and read some more about these cyclist that are traversing our nation. Cyclists with /MAJOR/ disabilities. Cyclists who believe strongly in showing that they shall overcome and they will show support to our troops … THEIR troops.

I will think about these guys as I walk my mere 30 minutes each evening. What I have to do is a drop-in-a-bucket of physical activity. If THEY can overcome then, yes, even I can overcome.
A big thank you to State Farm Insurance for sponsoring a great event like this! Thank you to Arty Pagan a State Farm Representative near Patrick AFB for pointing out this event to us. If you want to learn more about the ride visit

In the mean time, I will eat my 3 meals, 3 snacks, and 30 minutes of exercise a day knowing if THESE Heroes can ride a bicycle across the nation I CAN take a walk around the block!

– Leanne from

Image Source: KocsisonTuesday, June 08, 2010Military Life:,,

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