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Effective Communication is the Key to a Successful Deployment: Communication is important in a relationship and is often tested during deployment. Preparing for the mission, from the receipt of orders to understanding the emotions and hardship often associated with separation, can be overwhelming. Effective listening skills, patience and understanding will prove essential during this time.  The majority of communication is non-verbal (body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions). ...

Changes in Iraq! Have Our Sacrifices Helped? Yes They Have! DoD Roundtable:  We are withdrawing forces from Iraq and will be down to 50,000 military personnel in September in accordance with the plan for complete withdrawal by 2011. What are we leaving behind? What type of society and are the people better off? During a recent DoD Roundtable Major General Stephen Lanza, who is the United States spokesperson for Iraq mentioned two areas that I think are critical and reflect the progress of a society following war. ...

Sea to Shining Sea... on a bicycle!: I just read about a wonderful cause, "Sea to Shining Sea". Imagine riding your bike from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. I'm breathless just thinking about it. 'Group of Injured Veterans to Bicycle Sea to Shining Sea — Ride Across America Led by World T.E.A.M. Sports':  "Spanning 63 days and 4,000 miles, the cyclists will test their physical limits and inspire people, disabled or not, to live active and enriched lives."  Needless to say I'm inspired! As you may know I am about 31 weeks pregnant with baby #3. Last week I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes...
MilitaryAvenue Help for the Military Community while Selling or Renting their Home during this next PCS Season: The next PCS season is quickly upon us and many military families and personnel already have orders for a move this summer. We relocated 18 times and know well that feeling of excitement for a new spot/job! But then the challenges and stresses start arriving. The top one usually has to do with either housing or spouse employment.  Many military families sell or rent their own homes through For Sale By Owner or military to military rentals...

Minute Out of the Norm: Tie Dye!: We have a summer routine here when the boys are home and not in child-care. We relax in the morning, watch a little PBS; get dressed for the day; do a few pages in their age-appropriate workbooks (we like to keep the mind active EVEN during the summer... ) and then it is time for something FUN!  This week our fun was TIE-DYE! I bought a kit at WalMart... It was about $15 for a kit to make 7 shirts, plus I bought 4 white t-shirts ($3 each) and one toddler-onsie. The plan is to take the shirts to 'Camp Grandpa' this summer;...

Casualties Show Tough Week in Afghanistan: It has been a tough week in Afghanistan with 23 servicemembers killed in attacks since Monday, including four killed when their helicopter was shot down in Helmand province today.  Operational tempo for NATO International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan is at an all-time high.  “There are more ISAF forces [in Afghanistan] than at any other time, so the level of activity is high and I think as we conduct our operations and engage with the enemy, obviously the opportunities for hostile contact have gone up,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said today.

Secretary Gates to Receive the 2010 American Patriot Award: Dr. Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, was named today as recipient of the 2010 American Patriot Award given by The National Defense University Foundation. Washington’s most powerful and influential leaders will gather to celebrate his lifetime of patriotism and to witness his receiving this prestigious award at the American Patriot Award Gala on Friday, November 5, 2010, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. ...

Success in Afghanistan? Payroll, EFT, Training, Recruitment, ++ DoD Roundtable: The DoD Roundtable talked about money this morning! Your money! How we are spending it in Afghanistan and what is it doing to make Americans safer!?? U.S. Army Col. Curt A. Rauhut, Director, NATO Financial Controller/Deputy Director, CJ8 is the money guy in Afghanistan with resource management for the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police his focus during the Roundtable. ...

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