Day 2 USAA Auto Circle Blogger Event

USAA Auto Circle Blogger Event

Day 2 at the USAA Auto Circle Blogger Event for the military bloggers! They get to see and drive the USAA Preferred Vehicles! Do you have any questions that we can relay to USAA for you? Please leave a comment or forward questions to dan@militaryavenue.com!

So many great bloggers there! Watch for your favorites as they write about this great event! Have you seen the list of military bloggers on the right side of Our Letters to You? It is an extensive list! If you twitter here is a list of bloggers (including MilitaryAvenue's Dan) and USAA folks at the event gathering information to share with you!

Who is there? From twitter.com (with hashmark #USAABE) :

@MilitaryAvenue @mymilitarylife @BlueStarFamily @Beth_Wilson @michaelfkelly @JohnHancock61 @ArmyWifeNetwork @EnlistedSpouses @SMUSteffyLou @BudgetsAreSexy @militarymoney @katekashman @kissmygumbo @AskJune_USAA

@michaelfkelly There for our mbrs! RT @MilitaryAvenue: #usaa 's disaster recovery vehicle. About to jump aboard http://twitpic.com/29628e #usaabe #spon

Photo Credit: MilitaryAvenue USAA Emergency Response Vehicle - Eagle One


  1. Thanks for getting this out there. My family will be looking for a car shortly and will use USAA

  2. We purchased a car last year and used USAA and the process was so easy. Took a lot of stress away and made negotiations a simple matter too!

  3. I'm a little bummed I got left off the cool list.


  4. Yea, just kidding about that. I'm on there!

  5. Stephanie, phew! I tried to grab everyone from twitter! Glad to see we got ya! Do we need to start advertising for an adoptive military family or a guy in uniform for you? :) Glad you enjoyed the program! Dan said it was great!

    Have a great evening!

  6. I am in the market for an adoptive military family. Are the K's up for the duty? :)



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