Finishing up one chapter and moving to the next

Well life is spinning … not necessarily out of control … but definitely FAST.

I can SEE the finish line.

I can FEEL the roar of the hormones.

Just this morning my mother-in-law said I LOOKED tired ready. AMEN, sistah!

Gestational Diabetes be GONE. Contractions, the most erratic and un-cooperative kind ever, be DONE. I’d like to see my ankle bones again; and ahhh… just the simple task of bending over to shave, tie a 5 year-old’s shoe, pick up the food I just dropped all over the kitchen floor (clumsiness … the pregnancy side effect they forget to tell you about) will be such a relief.

I’m pretty darn ready to close this chapter of my life. I’m SO VERY ready to start a new chapter in our family’s life. (You know the chapters that start with the sleepless-nights followed by blurry days; the ‘don’t forget the diaper bag’ every where we go; the sleeping baby in the baby swing, or nestled in momma’s arms, or snuggled with Dad. Big brothers oogling over little toes; big brothers saying “Mom, make him stop crying”.)

Yep! I’m ready.
August 4th can not get here sooner… and Baby-Boy *L* if you want to come sooner (poke, poke, hint, hint) we are so very ready for you!

– Leanne from

BTW … I have many passions in life. God and Family are number 1. MilitaryAvenue is WAY up there. I may not be on Twitter / Facebook / ‘Our Letters to You’ as much in August or early-September but I know that my partners-in-crime, the entire MilitaryAvenue Team, will take great care of our military families and our MilitaryAvenue Partners while I am wiping the sleep out of my own eyes and wondering where I can find the coffee as Little *L* and I get used to this wonderful new life together and as a family!byLeanneonTuesday, July 27, 2010Military Life:,

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