Savoring the Moment

I have a confession ...

I am at the tail end of my third pregnancy (at just about 37 weeks) and I am NOT ready to be done. I mean I'm ready to meet our little BabyBoy. I'm ready to take a load off my feet. I'm ready to stop having to take insulin and being on a very strict diet for gestational diabetes. I'm really ready to not be sweating buckets just from sitting.

But I know this is my last pregnancy. I'm over 35 and pregnancy has been hard on my body (this one in particular.) So I'm savoring moments. I'm savoring a foot jabbing me in the side - despite the fact that, ya, it doesn't feel 'great'! I'm savoring watching my belly 'shift' because a tiny little rump is shifting inside of me. I'm savoring the hiccups, the jabs, the moments of silence where I can just rest my hand on a 'hard spot' and know that it is my little-boy!

We will enter a new stage in life soon-enough. Sleepless nights, cuddly baby in momma's arms, nursing (I am SO looking forward to that part, actually. What is it about nursing that is just amazingly awe-inspiring?! I don't get it... but it is to me!). There are brothers that are SO excited to meet their new brother and a dad that will uplift this little-boy like no other father can!

Yep, I can't wait to meet you, BabyBoy *L*. But at the same time, this time I'm not ready to rush you (I was a little inpatient to meet your two older brothers). I'm savoring moments and knowing how very special you already are as I prepare to close this chapter of my lfie!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. I am glad you feel this way. You echo how I would feel. I "rushed" my two little ones, but if I were blessed with another, I would have the same approach.

    I think nursing creates a very special relationship as well. Thank you for bringing me back to the period of my life when I was an instrument in creation.

  2. That's how I felt on my last one, and finally when Gunner was home on R&R and I was due the next day, I was ready. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago.

  3. Great insights. I look forward to reading what you're planning on next, because your post is a nice read.


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