Taking a Baseball Bat to Cancer

Sometimes life throws curve balls. I didn’t even know that I was up to bat! It was so hectic and now I see bases are loaded and I am NOT going to strike out, or walk or punt (wait… that’s the wrong sport!)
See… I really didn’t know I was in the game. And then whoosh something flew at me and caught my breath.
I think it was fear.
But just like one pitch, it was thrown at me trying to get me off center, trying to get me to go after it, jerk away from it, recognize it and not ignore it. I did.
Whoosh… next came uncertainty. How can I handle this? What am I supposed to do? What is expected from me? What if I let my partner in life down?
CLANK! SMACK! Reverberation…. off and running! Our first destination the PET CT scan. Knowledge was being mapped out, like the direct lines of bases. Next in this line of bases is see we are go to University of Michigan to the Cancer Center, then back to Grand Rapids to the Oncologist and then to radiation… and HOME plate: Middleville. Let it be so.
No reports have been read as yet. There might be other stops along the way. But I like this plan in my head. I need a visual, a game plan. Head down, armed with fans to support, uniformed in prayer with banners set on the kitchen table! (Aren’t friends just wonderful?) WOW! The fans go wild!
Acts of kindness are adrenaline for the psyche!
Thank you all for all that you do for everyone. It doesn’t not go unnoticed, maybe unsung. But oh the thrill of a home run when it is in the stadium of life!byDeborahonMonday, July 12, 2010Military Life:,,

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