Tasty Tuesday Basil Butter and Corn

In Michigan it is corn season. Some call it summer, the rest of us know that it is fresh corn on the cob – roadside stand season. The varieties are out there, one field is a bit different than an other. I suppose it is like wine vineyards… the soil content, the water, the hours of sunlight and temperature of the ground give the grapes their subtle taste value… so I am told. I can just tell you that here, each stand is a marvel. Then to top it off, Fridays in Middleville is Farmers’ Market day. So, a stroll down the booths lets one see different color ears, price ears and hear how each is the best. I think they are right. I love them all! I love summer!

So, back at the homestead our basil has taken off. I love basil too. I grown way too much, search for recipes, harvest it and dry lots and lots. Our dehydrator does not get a lot of time in the off position.
Here is basil butter. I use this on fresh grill roasted corn on the cob. This is the best, most wonderful and absolutely delicious combination ever. Ha ha … OK, until I find another tangy treat.
Basil Butter

1/2 c unsalted butter
1/2 c packed basil leaves, cleaned and stems removed

Place in a food processor with a blade, or a blender and process until blended. The basil will be evident, and not pureed.

Roasted Corn on the Cob
Peel back the corn husks right down to the kernels. Be careful not to rip the husks off; leave attached. Remove the silk, and fold the husks back up. Soak whole ears in water for 3 minutes turning to make certain the water is all the way to the cob.
Fire up the grill to cook whatever meat or other vegetables that you are planning on having. Place the corn directly onto the grill and cook for a total of 12 minutes, turning often. Should the husks start to burn, spray with water. Remove from grill. Let sit for 3 minutes. Remove the husks. Serve with the basil butter. Use basil butter generously, as remember, 1/2 of this is basil!
Happy grilling! Enjoy the summer while it is here, and especially the corn!byDeborahon
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