USAA Auto Circle Blogger Event

USAA Auto Circle Blogger Event

This weekend I have been invited to USAA's headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. I will be attending along with other bloggers in order to learn more about USAA and it's many programs developed to assist military families with key purchases. This summer, USAA will launch a simplified online and mobile experience for finding, financing and insuring consumer autos and homes, making the entire experience easier and less aggravating.

As I go into the presentations and meetings I ask that you, our reader, please pass on any questions you may have for me to consider asking USAA. I would enjoy the opportunity to share any questions you send our way.

Throughout the event we will be blogging, please come back to our site and blog often to learn more about our visit with USAA!

Please send any questions to dan@militaryavenue.com or leave them here in the comment box.

Very Respectfully,

Dan Kissinger


  1. How secure is the iphone app? It makes me nervous to use an app to do my banking. Is there an explanation of the security measures anywhere on your site or USAA?

  2. This is great. I want to know if you can use it even if you aren't a USAA member but are military.


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