Distractions are a good thing.

Distractions kept me sane during hub’s deployment in Iraq. My boys had swim lessons, soccer camp; we had time with family and friends during deployment. All things that kept my mind from focusing on the one person I was missing the most, my soldier! We were busy, we were distracted, life was only as good as we made it.

Distracting ourselves at the local park’s Butterfly HabitatDistractions are keeping me sane during these last few days of pregnancy. I had contractions ALL weekend but they weren’t getting any stronger or any closer. If I sat down all I noticed was the contractions. All I could think about was, “Is this it?!” I’d get myself in a tither just thinking about it. So a Saturday with family on the lake / beach, a Sunday evening with friends, and a Monday morning with my boys at our local metro-park were just what I needed!  Yes, I was busy.  But in this case it was a very good thing! (And very fun thing!)

What healthy things do you do to distract yourself? Exercise, Friendships, Hobbies? All great ideas to keep your mind from focusing on that one thing that isn’t going to come any faster by continuously thinking about it!

As the new school year comes knocking on our door … recognize your own children’s anxieties. How can you distract them? A trip to the zoo; a knock on the neighbor’s door to meet new friends?; perhaps, a family movie night at home or the theatre? It’s not good to wax-coat real problems. But distractions can most certainly help us get past initial anxieties, and keep our minds focused on the positives in life!

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