Your Opinions Matter!

Did you know that as a military-spouse your opinions really do matter! I know sometimes I feel like the Army feels they own my husband and ‘our family mission’ is definitely not the Army’s mission… particularly after they have had him for 8 days in the field and then he is working phone calls at the dinner table within 2 hours of being home. Can we JUST have a meal together as a family. Let the boys tell him about their week, enjoy a sip of wine with his wife, coo over his newborn baby who would like some attention, too?! (Ok, so there really is nothing much relaxing about our dinner table. But in the chaos I find peace.) But I digress…

Back to the fact that our opinion matters… I got my Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Survey in the mail yesterday. I try to be non-partisan so I won’t tell you HOW I’m going to fill it out. But I will tell you I will fill it out. How about you? If you get it take the time to share your opinion. I really think if they didn’t want our opinion they wouldn’t ask:

There are other places to share your opinions too. If you are a part of the Navy, Fleet & Family Services wants your opinion (Navy: Take Our Survey – Have a Voice). If you are a Facebook Fan of MilitaryAvenue we want your opinion (More Posts or Less?). There are all sorts of places to express yourself in a positive light, in a productive fashion!

Don’t gripe about ‘not mattering’! It is your responsibility to share your opinion with those that can make the change, especially when they seek out your opinion!

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