Making Your Vote Count

I hate watching the evening-news this time of year.

I love keeping up with current events, so at 10 o'clock every night the TV is switched on. However, it is the commercials that get me hot-and-bothered from late September through early November. Politician upon politician telling me not WHY I should vote for them but WHY I should NOT vote for their opponent.

The Mud Slinging. The Slander. The Poor Sportsmanship.

It is not in my nature! I don't like to talk bad about people. I don't like to hear others talking badly about another. I would rather hear what they are about then what they are /not/.

Since I want to make an informed decision on election day I googled 'elections' along with the name of my county which helped me find a non-partisan web site that lists all the folks that are running in my county and state. I will take the time to inform myself. I will make an educated decision. It may seem early but I'd rather know now what folks stand for so that I can officially tune-out the political mumbo-jumbo on TV during the dreaded news hour.

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On another related-note, I would encourage you to visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website if you are registered to vote absentee. They have a whole section devoted to the US Military and their families. You can request an absentee ballot (not sure but it might be a little late to do that for this election in November), get your ballot, and even track your ballot. Just click on the link for the US Military. This is great reassurance that your vote counts! (They are on Facebook too if you want to stay informed: http://www.facebook.com/DoDFVAP)

We have some wonderful freedoms as Americans. Freedoms that *our* soldier, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard defend every day! Educate yourself and when the time comes get out there and vote! Ensure that their hard work counts!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. As this November 2nd election draws near, I would like to know why the military men and women as a whole, who have served in Iraq have not put their support behind the Commander-in-Chief who have worked tirelessly to get many of you back home? At a time when our previous administration put them in harm's way, leaving thousands to die without a true exit plan, our President came to their defense and gave families their children, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers back. In the face of the republicans who only wanted to do political battle, the President stood firm. Now, will the military men and women stand with him? If so, now is the time. Let the voters know that if they support you, they support the President - because YOU support the President. Rally behind him as he rallied behind you, for your sake and for your children's sake. Thank you and may you have blessings abound. If there are other blogs where your brothers and sisters in uniform converse, please pass this along and encourage their votes in their local elections so that the President will have your backs as you have had his. He needs his local governors, senators, etc. to continue his fight.

  2. because many of our white military members do not support Democrats, non-whites, poor, liberals, muslims, etc. and feel President Barack Obama is not a citizen and is a muslim. their beliefs are supported by older white veterans who feel Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Sarah Palin (resigned under ethics investigation and found in violation of funding issues) have ethics, which should tell you a lot about their judgment including of President Obama.

    for examples of this open animosity and hatred towards President Obama, please see the following:

    http://twitter.com/bostonmaggie - official blogger for U.S. Navy but pals around with far right wing proud extremists
    http://twitter.com/knottienature - a gold star mom dispensing Tim McVeigh style rhetoric and hatred


    those above will lead you to a trail of hate and infestation of it within and around our taxpayer funded military which I'm now told is owned by far right extremists. who knew??

    I was told point blank: military hates Obama. the person who provided this statement was a military wife and was speaking on behalf of ALLLL military. her general statement was untrue. what she should have said was "conservatives like her (which they are not and have simply hijacked that word too) and far right extremists hate President Obama. and sane people can care less about pleasing extremists.

    but the military members in my family and my friends, which includes entry level to high ranking officers, do NOT hate President Obama, support him and see all of the support for military which ironically is not coming from the Republican side except in rhetoric for fear-promotion only. see IAVA's report card on Republican leadership support of our military and the things voted against in relation to military support.

  3. Military SupporterOctober 26, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    Holy Cow! Looks like a few folks are fairly well versed on how to use a soapbox. Maybe create your own platform to come in with such a divisive perspective, instead of hijacking this one. Just my .02 cents. (Can't wait the responses)

  4. BLECK! I suppose the mud-slinging isn't limited to just commercials and can also be done on blog comments too. I haven't decided yet if I want to delete the two above partisan comments - I might need to sit on it for a day. But I will say this: Our troops have the right to vote. We, the MilitaryAvenue team, want to be non partisan as a show of support for our troops since they cannot publicly comment on partisan political issues while serving on active duty!

    But I would kindly ask to keep comments non-partisan keep away from hate, spewed, rhetoric. I can't speak for you, you can't speak for me, and /no one/ can speak for our hard working military members. Let's not lump the brave members of our military into a pigeon-hole.

    - Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

  5. My intent wasn't to be divisive. Thanks for reminding me that our military men and women cannot publicly comment on partisan political issues while serving on active duty! That makes sense since we would not want our military personnel to be subjected to biases because of political preferences. I hope this election will be about what's good for all of our citizens. Our children still need to know that nobody should get rewarded for lying and for bad behavior. And that bullies shouldn't get our support at the polls. I just hope the grown-ups hold true to that as well. I thank all of you for listening and for the open dialog. Please remember - Make Your Vote Count.


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