My 5 Minutes of Fame

I have to admit it ... I'm feeling a little special ;)

Here I am, the mom of 4 rough and tumble boys, the wife of an everyday soldier, blogger, military-family advocate and ... well... "Household 6" through and through.

I logged onto USAA yesterday (our family's bank of choice) to check account balances and such and there is /my/ name. Now I realize everyone's name appears on their account... but I'm talking over in the right hand column, amongst their features and boxes. Over there is a quote *by me*!

I'm having my 5 minutes of fame! (if you want to call it that, I suppose) Read some great stories from USAA customers at their 'Member Stories' area. This is my story: Part of the USAA Family. If you are a military family, with USAA, be sure to leave your own story! It is truly wonderful to be with a bank that cares. (... and gives me a smile in the small process of something as mundane as checking my account balances.)

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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