Army NCO of the Year Credits Family for Honor – DoD Roundtable

During the AUSA convention this week the Army announced several award winners and the NCO of the year, Staff Sergeant Christopher McDougall, said something that caught my attention during a Roundtable with two of the winners:

“Well, first of all, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the people who got me to this level. My family back home in Germany, my wife, two kids. They definitely supported me over the last — this isn’t a one-week competition; it’s been going on for, you know, eight months now when we started this whole process, and they definitely suffered because of it. And they’ve been supportive throughout.”

He went on to explain that he has two young children and that his wife and military spouses worldwide sacrifice for their service members during deployments. I did have a flashback when he added:

“There’s been many nights, too, after the kids go to bed that we’re sitting on the couch, and she’s got the Army study guide in front of her just drilling me with questions. And she was anything that I asked from her. There’s not — I don’t think there’s a thing that she wouldn’t do.”

During my years of service my spouse drilled me so often on aircraft emergency procedures that she knew most of the “bold face” items by heart herself! I flew 11 different aircraft and did a lot of studying and it is great to hear this soldier recognize his spouse’s assistance during this competition!

Congratulations Staff Sergeant McDougall! Take care of that Army family, they are special!

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