My Definition of Perfection

Here in northeastern Ohio we have a wonderful park-system called the ‘Metroparks’.  They are small parks scattered throughout the area, run by the local counties.  My favorite park is just 10 minutes north of us and makes for some wonderful walks at all times of the year.  The Autumn season is glorious with the changing of the leaves; vibrant reds, golds, yellows and oranges, my favorite colors!  We took the opportunity this weekend after church to head up as a family to get a picture.  We got three or four good ones but I have to admit this is my favorite:

At first I thought, “Wow, what a picture-perfect shot…”, a family of six, beautiful yellow leaves of autumn, one of my favorite bridges with a path that leads to more beauty… but then I started looking at the details.  Check out my two middle-children’s faces.  I can’t even classify them as smiles.  *C* is having a hard time standing still (take note of feet). Oh and we can’t miss that black-eye from a ‘brotherly-wresting’ match’ 10 days ago. BUT THIS picture embodies life!  In 20 years when I look at this picture I will be instantly drawn to the age of 5 and 8.  Boys.  Boys who would rather look a little goofy then smile, Boys who don’t have every hair in place, a family that literally can’t stand still for a moment!  So yes, the mother in me says it is absolutely still a ‘picture-perfect’ shot!

Speaking of ‘Perfection’, a friend sent this post to me and I laughed through the whole thing; a laughter of pure “YEP! I get it!” 🙂  “How to be a Perfect Mom”  It is very related to my postpartum post from last week.  But wow, I wish I had her writing skills!  If you are wondering about all of “those” women take a moment to read her post, you won’t regret it!

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