Push Back… Hold Forward… Integrity

It is flu season, or at least I have heard the forecast, similar to a hurricane coming this way. Get ready!

So we went forward. After seeing TV ad after TV ad about going into local pharmacy to get the shot, Dale and I decided to take a ride. Not being one who looks forward to pain, shots, pokes or whatever, I let him go first! We whipped out our military IDs; which is all that we need to show insurance when picking up medications at 2 local places here in Michigan.

The registered nurse who sat at the table looked at cards, our faces and asked “What is this?” A gazillion ugly answers flooded through my brain, and luckily Dale answered before my mouth engaged. No, they did not accept military insurance. No TriCare, No Champus… the eyes said go away. Peace brother. Ohhhhhh my mind is spouting again.

It took a bit of time to soothe me. And then I knew I had to call the manager of the store where this nurse set up her table.

He explained that the store hired a separate company to handle the shots. He personally had no control as to what insurance companies they accepted.


Don’t push back, No. Take responsibility. As manager of the store, the store hires. The store dictates who can come in to issue the shots.

We are a country at war. My goodness! A valid ID should mean something. Saying you support the troops but saying…oh I mean in my heart… by not you really STINKS!

When given a push back situation, call the folks! I did on the phone, but I mean call them on the act. Allow them to have integrity. Allow them to know something is wrong with their system.

This manager could have cared less. That is really too bad. They lost our business, but maybe they will rethink and get the bigger picture. Integrity sells the best, shows the best, and keeps the best!byDeborahonThursday, October 07, 2010Military Life:,

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